My favorite thing about being an author is seeing fan art and getting feedback from kid readers. Nothing puts me in a better mood or makes me want to dig back into my novel file and keep writing. Today I have two items to share: a picture of Aluna and a wee book report.

This picture of Aluna by The Maud (she probably just goes by Maud) captures Aluna perfectly. Look at those muscles! The weapons! The spiky hair! Her clothes are exactly how I pictured them, down to the shark teeth in her tunic. But the best thing is her expression — it captures Aluna’s attitude and love of adventure so well.

Aluna by The Maud

Yep, it’s awesome and I absolutely love it! I’m framing it and hanging it next to the incredible Aluna drawn by Samantha Ling.

The next item is a tiny book report. Liam lives next to my brother’s family and they gave him a copy of Above World to read. Here’s what he said:

Liam reads Above World

This book is the best book I have read. It’s about a girl called Aluna and her friend Huko [sic] saving their underwater world. Loved it.

silhouette: a shadow

Grandma Nani nodded and smiled. “Hoku my boy, it’s time you had an adventure.”

Yes this book is so so so good I read it twice and every time I pick up this book I laugh, smile, and feel like I traveled to the above world.

Thank you to Liam and The Maud for making me happy beyond words!

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  1. Dear Jenn,

    I really loved the book Above World. One of my favorite parts was when Aluna and Hoku swam away from the shark.


    9 years old
    Eugene, OR

    1. Dear Katie,

      Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and telling me that you enjoyed my book! That means the world to me, and I really appreciate it. You have made my week so much brighter. :)

      Keep on reading, and beware Great White!


  2. Oh, Jenn, that art is perfect! And that book report is just wonderful. Add to that the first comment on this post…and wow. I hope you feel really, really good right now! :) Your book and your characters are so loved. (By me, too! I want more!!!!)

    1. Thank you so much, Steph!! These moments are just so incredible — I am going to try harder to keep them firmly lodged in my mind when I’m struggling. I have three chapters to send you soon — perhaps now that I’m bolstered by these wonderful moments. :-D

  3. thank you so much for posting my book review on your blog. I’ve read above world two times and i love the book so much. i was so glad that i had the book with me while going to Ireland because the flight was so long the thing i need was a book. Above World could not be more perfect. i loved it to the end and I’ve told all my friends to read it :D

    1. Liam,

      Your book review made me so happy! And your comment here makes me even more happy. Long flights can be so boring — I’m glad I got to help make the trip more enjoyable. Thank you for telling your friends about the book!!


  4. Wow Jenn, this is awesome. Talk about full circle – this picture reminds me so much of your (and my) own character drawings in school. How great is it that you’re inspiring kids in exactly the same way you were inspired?!

    You rock!

  5. dear jenn, thanks for being such an awesome writer! You should really write a part two to the above world book, loved it! hope to hear back,
    Bethany Smith

    1. Hi Bethany!

      Thank you so much for your note! I am definitely writing another Above World book — in fact, I’m writing a trilogy! Book two is called MIRAGE and will be out in February 2013. (It’s a long time, I’m sorry!) I’m still writing the third and final book, but it will be out in 2014 if everything goes well. I hope you can wait that long!


  6. Hi
    OMG i loved ur book!
    You descibed Aluna so good …..I have so much in common with her!
    From the way she talks and acts to the things that she dose for fun!
    Like her i love the ocean i also love to hunt as well just like her!

    1. Hi Taylor,

      I am sooooo happy you enjoyed the book!! It’s wonderful that you and Aluna share so much in common — I wish I was more like Aluna! I’m much more like Hoku, only not as smart. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I hope you enjoy the next two books in the series, too!


  7. I love these books i have read them all from when the Kampii necklaces were failing to when Dash, Aluna, Hoku, and Aluna defeat Karl Strand. This book confused me a bit but I understood it at the time. I love Vachir and her awsome personality. I was hoping for you to make 1 last book if you do this i will forever be happy. But if you can’t I understand thank you so much for making this series you are my favorite author and I hope you make anthor book!

    1. Hi Harley! I’m so glad you stopped by my blog to tell me that you enjoyed the books. Thank you! I love Vachir, too — she’s one of my favorites even though she never speaks a single word. I am not currently planning to write a fourth book, but if my publisher wants me to in the future, I will! Until then Aluna, Hoku, Calli, Dash, and Vachir will keep having adventures in my head. –Jenn

  8. Jennifer Resse I loved your book series Above World.Horizon was my favorite and I was so sad when I finished the series XD

    Andrew Brice age 9

    1. Dear Andrew,

      I’m sorry that I didn’t see your comment when you posted it, because it’s wonderful! I am so glad that you loved my books, and happy that HORIZON was your favorite! I get sad when I finish books that I love, too. This is a very high compliment to an author. Thank you so much for stopping by to let me know how you felt.

      Best wishes,

  9. dear Jenn

    i am a huge fan of the above world series. i love the ending where they created a land colony. Aluna is a huge insparation. i love the way she fights. you’re an amazing writer!!

    1. Dear Gwyn,

      Thank you so much for you wonderful comment about my books!! I am particularly happy that you liked the ending — I would love to live in a place like Horizon’s Reach myself. I would also love to be able to fight like Aluna! I study martial arts, too, but am not nearly as good. Most days I’m lucky if I don’t injure myself while I’m practicing. Thanks again for taking the time to write to me — that’s such a wonderful thing to do for an author!


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