Joe Monti of Barry Goldblatt Literary (@joemts on Twitter) has been my agent for just over two months now.


  • He found me via Twitter. (Yes, really!)
  • He seems to know everyone. (Yes, everyone!)
  • He seems to know about every book ever written. (It’s like talking to a very opinionated encyclopedia of publishing.)
  • He talks about my book in D&D terms sometimes, to help me understand. (“He’s like an air elemental, right?”)
  • He finds all the places where I have unintentionally referenced Star Wars in my book. (“This is the end of The Empire Strikes Back, yes?”)
  • His wife and I went to the same college at the same time. (So Joe and I probably met back in 1990!)
  • He loves martial arts movies. (And suggested I rewatch HERO for inspiration on a particular fight scene!)
  • He wanted me to add more fight scenes to my book. (More fight scenes! Maybe this should have been the only item on the list…)
  • His revision notes and suggestions made my book better. (And I love that we can talk theme and worldbuilding and heroic journeys!)

There’s so much more I could say, but let me end with this:

  • He’s a super nice, smart, funny guy, and I trust him with my book and my career.

Thanks, Joe!

10 thoughts on “Agent Appreciation Day”

  1. Thanks, Elana!

    Julia — Yes, I'm very lucky I found someone who gets *me*, not just my book! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Am I allowed to respond? Ha! Jenn, I totally forgot about that Air Elemental comment! Ha!

    And there is nothing finer than a great fight scene in a middle grade novel. Bring it on girl!

    Thanks again

    1. Joe, of course you can reply! (But only if you've given me good news earlier in the day.)

      Regarding the Air Elemental, you may have been going more "Elemental" than D&D. We were talking about the role of elements in the novel at that point, if I recall correctly. So you can keep your d20s in your closet… for now.

    1. Suzette — Yes, Twitter is kind of amazing, and I'm glad so many agencies are using it. VERY glad!!!

      Thanks for stopping by!

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