Well, here it is, the cover of Above World. The art is by the amazing Alexander Jansson, and the jacket design is by the uber-talented Kate Cunningham of Candlewick. Many thanks to my editor Sarah Ketchersid for giving me a cover that far exceeded my expectations. I love, love, love it.

Above World
Candlewick Press
ISBN: 9780763654177
Coming February 14th, 2012!

48 thoughts on “Above World Cover!”

    1. My editor sent a new version today, and I think the colors are even brighter than before. It really knocked my socks off. (Except I wasn't wearing any because it's freakin' hot here.)

    1. Thanks so much, Dayle — and thanks for the surprise letter the other day! Sorry I didn't email you right away. I couldn't even think until my edits were turned in. It's so, so nice of you to think of me!

  1. Oh Jenn, it's beautiful. Really clear, open, distinctive, exciting. A book kids will want to pick up. Mazel tov, this is wonderful.

  2. What can I say??? It is gorgeous…..just like you!!! I could not be any prouder……….you AMAZE me!!!!!

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