My main project right now is the “mermaid book,” a young adult science fantasy adventure… at least that’s what I hope it is.

It’s going slowly. I wrote an exploratory first chapter a few months ago, in a tiny break from work stress. Now that I’m working from home as a freelancer, I’ve returned to the project.

I’ve kept the setting and plot from the early exploration, but have reinvented the characters and tone. I also have a nice outline now — an essential for me — and a huge list of Hawaiian names to use for NPCs. (Does anyone else think of their side characters as NPCs??)

So far, Above World has two main characters, though a third will be added later. I’m experimenting with alternating PoVs for the chapters. I prefer to read books with one PoV, but when I got to chapter 2, I was more excited about writing it from the boy’s PoV than the main girl’s, so I switched. Hah! Just like that.

My watchcry for this book: Find the fun. Not sure I’ve been wholly successful on this front so far, but I’m trying. Find the fun. Find the fun. Repeat as necessary.