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2013: Favorite TV Shows


Because of my surgery and recovery time, I watched a lot of TV in 2013, and had a chance to catch up on entire series that I’d previously missed.

Top 5 TV Shows that I discovered in 2013
(Listed alphabetically)

181537-community-community-poster Fringe poster the-good-wife-the-second-season-dvd-cover Scandal poster The Vampire Diaries poster

Community: Oh, Community, how did I ever live without you? You and Parks & Rec are now my favorite two comedies of all time. I hope season 5 returns you to your former glory. Favorite characters: Britta and Troy.

Fringe: One of the best science fiction shows I’ve ever watched. It starts out at a procedural but becomes completely awesome, reinventing itself with each new season. By season five, I considered it one of the most ambitious shows I’d ever watched, and one that never forgot the characters and themes at its core.

The Good Wife: I should hate this show. Nothing about the premise interests me in the slightest. And yet, it’s brilliantly written, a case study in how to make every character interesting and complex.

Scandal: I loved season one and season 2 had me on the edge of my seat. I’ve actually stopped watching in season 3 because of repeated torture scenes, but I still think the show has done some amazing things. My advice to Scandal: Find the fun! Refocus around your created family of white-hat gladiators and leave the violence and torture for HBO.

The Vampire Diaries: The third time I tried to watch this show, I made myself go at least 6 episodes in. And hey, that did the trick! Despite its horde of Hollywood-pretty actors, this is a surprisingly feminist show with a lot of fantastic female characters. My favorite? Caroline. She’s the best “heir to Buffy” that I’ve seen in ages. The show’s biggest failing is its overly white cast.

Honorable Mentions/Promising Newcomers

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Diverse cast and humor that doesn’t punch down? SOLD. The pilot didn’t work for me, but the show had some great episodes later on.

Orphan Black: Fantastic show! I’m enjoying the heck out of it, although it doesn’t have its hooks in me the way some of the others do. Perhaps the sf elements are just a little too intense and not enough escapist fun.

Sleepy Hollow: So much to love about this one, especially the chemistry between the leads. I also have a growing crush on Abby’s sister.

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