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2010: Tiger, Dragon


I was all set to post some goals for 2010 — write a new novel, get to class more often… that sort of thing. But this is a special year, and it calls for a special resolution.

TigerYou see, the Year of the Tiger begins on February 14th. I have always felt an affinity for this animal, even before I based my first book around it. At my kenpo school, Tiger represented tenacity — the only area in which I felt I could excel. (Grace, strength, flexibility, power, balance? Not so much.) Tiger also represents passion, sometimes reckless. Looking back on the last decade, I can see those particular clawmarks all over my life. Live, feel, weep, love, laugh… leap.

DragonDragon symbolizes different things to everyone. It’s your internal power, your chi. At my kenpo school, Dragon meant “Ride the Wind.”

Ride the Wind. To me, that means staying open — emotionally and psychologically — to changes in the wind. Seizing opportunities, leaving toxic situations, taking new paths when they appear out of the mist. Change is not to be feared, change is to be embraced as part of the natural ebb and flow, the dynamic balance of life.

This year, I want to live with the passion and tenacity of the Tiger and the flexibility and wisdom of the Dragon. That’s not too much to ask for, is it?

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