Cover of Last Night A Superhero Saved My Life


“Swashbuckle My Heart: An Ode to Nightcrawler”

Last Night A Superhero Saved My Life, edited by Liesa Mignogna
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Flash Fiction

“How to Masquerade as a Human Before the Invasion,” The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction [Buy the Issue]

“The Alphabet Quartet,” Daily Science Fiction, co-written with Tim Pratt, Heather Shaw, and Greg van Eekhout: Read online

“Gather Your Bones,” Daily Science Fiction: Read online

“The Sea City Six,” originally in Flytrap, reprinted at PodCastle: Read Online

“Valkyrie,” Sword & Sorceress XVII


Bulfinch High Series

“Monstrous Love,” originally in  Flytrap #9: Free Ebook
“Angst in D Minor,” originally in Lone Star Stories #16: Free Ebook
“With A Face Only A Mother Could Love,” Rotten Relations

Paper Cities anthology, edited by Sedia

Birds vs. Dogs Series

“Memree,” originally in Polyphony 4, reprinted in Farrago’s Wainscot: Read online
“Taser,” Paper Cities (Paper Cities won the 2009 World Fantasy Award for Best Anthology)

Tiger from Tales of the Chinese Zodiac

“Tales of the Chinese Zodiac”

Twelve short-short stories inspired by the animals of the Lunar Zodiac.

Read all the stories online at Strange Horizons
Read related story, The Gift
Reprinted in China’s Science Fiction World

Prom Night

Older Stories

“Born of Bones,” Flytrap #2
“Crossing the Distance,” Age of Wonders
“Curtain Call,”
“The Dream Factory,” Strange Horizons: Read online
“Lady Blade,” Japanese Dreams
“Memory and Reason,” Prom Night
“Promises,” Elysian Fiction
“Spidergirl,” Flytrap #1
“Winged,” Strange Horizons: Read online
“Ursa,” Sword & Sorceress XXI

Podcasted Stories

Sea City Six, PodCastle (reprint)

The Dream Factory, Escape Pod (reprint)

Personal Essays

“Something to Sing About,” Whedonistas, Mad Norwegian Press