New T-Shirt Design: Jane Austen’s “My courage always rises”

New T-shirt design! This one is a typographic treatment of a quote from Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen: “My courage always rises at every attempt to intimidate me.” –> See the “My Courage Always Rises” T-Shirt on Redbubble I’m thrilled with how it came out. I chose a brown shirt for my sample, but it works on many other colors as well and comes in a number of different shirt styles. A note on sizing Redbubble uses American Apparel t-shirts. Check the sizing charts very carefully, especially if you... Read The Rest →

Story Sale to F&SF!

Guest editor C.C. Finlay has bought my 700-word flash story “How to Masquerade as Human Before the Invasion” for Fantasy & Science Fiction Magazine! The story will appear next year in either the March/April or September/October issue. This is my first sale to F&SF. A bunch of awesome friends read this piece and gave me feedback: Anne, Chris, Haddayr, Heather, Lisa, Jessie, Karen, Samantha, SarahP, and Stephanie. Thank you all — I’m so glad I listened to you! You guys, F&SF. I can hardly believe it.

Kung Fu Family Photo

One of my White Lotus Kung Fu classmates went back to college a few weeks ago and requested a photo before he left. Of course, he requested it after class, when we were all disgusting. Still, we were more than happy to oblige. Here, then, is a rare shot of some of my kung fu family. (I’m the one who looks as if she might die from exhaustion.) My instructors are Grandmaster Carrie Ogawa-Wong at the lower left and Master Phil Jennings in the middle at the top. Readers of... Read The Rest →

My Very Own T-Shirt Designs

One of the birthday presents I gave myself this year was to finally start designing t-shirts and putting them online… not necessarily to sell to other people, but so that I could start wearing more of my own stuff. [Edited to add:] If you’re interested in any of these designs, you’ll find purchasing options here: –> 100% Star Stuff –> I want to believe: Mermaids –> I want to believe: Centaurs Behold, my first design! Obviously, this one was inspired by my amazing week at the Launch Pad Astronomy Workshop... Read The Rest →

Stuff I Love: Vegan Onitsuka Tiger Sneakers

I haven’t done a “Stuff I Love” post in a while, which is silly since I love so many things. Today I want to recommend my latest find: vegan-friendly sneakers from Onitsuka Tiger. I have high standards when it comes to shoes, partly from having a bad back and partly because of my goal to “buy fewer things, buy higher quality (when possible).” Finding high-quality shoes with no leather or animal glues has been tough. Some of the more popular brands, like Jambu, don’t fit my feet at all. Others,... Read The Rest →

Science Fiction World reprint

In May I mentioned that my “Tales of the Chinese Zodiac” stories were going to be reprinted in China’s Science Fiction World, and Lo! It has come to pass. I’ve never seen one of my stories translated before, so this is a ridiculous thrill. (I’m just assuming that this is my story given the illustration and the spacing of the story. Feel free to disabuse me of that notion if I’m wrong.) In any case, here it is: 300,000 circulation. Still can’t get over that number. But hey, if you... Read The Rest →

The Wonder of the Launch Pad Astronomy Workshop

Last week, I attended the Launch Pad Astronomy Workshop in Laramie, Wyoming. Here’s the description: Launch Pad is a workshop for established writers held in beautiful high-altitude Laramie, Wyoming. Launch Pad aims to provide a “crash course” for the attendees in modern astronomy science through guest lectures, and observation through the University of Wyoming’s professional telescopes. I’ve been avoiding this post because I know I won’t be able to do the experience justice. I’ll tell you about what we studied and the people I met, I’ll show you some pictures,... Read The Rest →

Thoughts on X-Men: Days of Future Past (Spoilers)

Note: This post contains spoilers for X-Men: Days of Future Past. Also note: I grew up reading the X-Men and for most of my life, they’ve been my favorite superhero team. I’m invested in this. X-Men: First Class made me incredibly angry and sad, and I hoped that X-Men: Days of Future Past would not show such obvious disdain for woman and people of color. And it doesn’t! But mostly by not including women or people of color at all. The movie has a frame story that takes place in... Read The Rest →

“Zodiac” in Science Fiction World

Back in April I received an email from Science Fiction World in China asking if they could reprint my “Tales of the Chinese Zodiac” stories — 12 flash pieces under 500 words each that originally ran in Strange Horizons and were then collected in a Tropism Press chapbook. I happily said yes. Science Fiction World has a circulation of 300,000 print copies. (That’s a 3 followed by 5 zeroes, for real.) They estimate that because of the way the magazine is passed around, they have a readership of one million... Read The Rest →

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