JENN REESE writes science fiction and fantasy adventure stories for readers of all ages. Her first novel, Jade Tiger, is a kung fu action-adventure romance, and her latest books, the Above World trilogy for young readers, feature bioengineered mermaids in a post-apocalyptic future. Jenn is also a graphic designer, a (lapsed) martial artist, and a very occasional voice actor. When she’s not exploring her new home city of Portland, she’s playing video games, learning to knit, or watching far too much TV.

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Wee Jenn ReeseI am a huge, unapologetic geek, and I have been my whole life. I grew up reading fantasy and science fiction, playing video games, and teaching myself Dungeons & Dragons. In high school in New Jersey, I played even more D&D, lived for the theater club (where I was usually stage manager), and fell in love with fencing and computers (not at the same time).

College took me to Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, where my computer science major slowly morphed into an English and Archaeology double major. (My field study took place in a Irish bog.) My crowning achievement, though, was being president of Cornell’s gaming club and running its annual gaming convention. I also enjoyed fencing in the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) and occasionally attending class. (Favorites included Norse Sagas, Beowulf in Old English, Greek Mystery Cults, and Illuminated Manuscripts.)

After college, I lived in Maryland doing desktop publishing, and then database programming. After attending Clarion in 1999, I moved to Los Angeles and caught the tail end of the dot com boom as a usability designer. More odd jobs followed. I did web design and ghost writing for a company teaching American slang to non-native speakers of English, then worked as a production editor for a major educational publisher. I spent a few years at an animation studio writing scripts, running green-screen shoots, and beginning my voice acting career. A few years working at the nonprofit Lambda Literary Foundation followed, and were some of my absolute favorites.

Nowadays I split my time between writing and graphic design with Tiger Bright Studios. I spent over twelve years in Los Angeles studying kempo, kung fu, Tai Chi and traditional weapons such as daggers, staff, spear, and sword, but have recently moved to Portland and am still finding my way. So far that involves a new knitting obsession and learning how to own a house. My partner and three amazing cats (Cairo, Oslo, and Finley) seem to love Portland almost as much as I do, which is fortunate — this is going to be my home for a good long while.