Story Sale to F&SF!

Story Sale to F&SF!

Guest editor C.C. Finlay has bought my 700-word flash story “How to Masquerade as Human Before the Invasion” for Fantasy & Science Fiction Magazine! The story will appear next year in either the March/April or September/October issue. This is my first sale to F&SF.

A bunch of awesome friends read this piece and gave me feedback: Anne, Chris, Haddayr, Heather, Lisa, Jessie, Karen, Samantha, SarahP, and Stephanie. Thank you all — I’m so glad I listened to you!

You guys, F&SF. I can hardly believe it.

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Shelley 3 years ago .

That is cause for celebration, and (may I add) long overdue.

Christine Ashworth 3 years ago .

Happy dancing for you!

G 3 years ago .

Super happy to hear this Jenn…! Congrats!

sinibaldi1F 3 years ago .

A land of dreams.

There’s a magical
land where a
whisper of life
becomes the
beginning to
discover the light
that appears in
the youth.

Francesco Sinibaldi

Stephanie Burgis 3 years ago .

Wooooooooooot! I love that story, and I am SO glad that it found such a fabulous home!

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