Herb Garden Season 2: CANCELED

In March, I posted about Herb Garden Season 2, my second attempt to grow an herb garden on my tiny apartment porch.

Season 2 opened to great ratings and high marks for quality. I was particularly proud of my sage, as I’d struggled with it during season 1. In season 2, it thrived. Take a look at these greens:

During the Great Condo Disaster of May and June, Chris attempted to water the plants whenever he came to see the repair crews. Ratings dropped, but we thought the garden might pull through.

And then the flooring installers arrived.

The flooring folks used our tiny porch to cut bamboo flooring and left only death in their wake:

I don’t yet have the energy to clean out the dead plants, head to the nursery, and start over, but rest assured, I will not give up this easily. There will be an Herb Garden Season 3… different actors, but same storyline.


Christine Ashworth 4 years ago .

Hang in there! Just an FYI, ceramic pots dry out really quickly. You might want to add some of the water holding crystals stuff to your soil to keep your plants moister.

Darned flooring installers. You should send them a bill…

Rita 4 years ago .

Better ending, I hope!!

Love this post. :D

Lisa Moore 4 years ago .

They will return!

Anonymous 4 years ago .

New start for you and your herb garden!!!!!! Love you, Sweetie!

kelly kiseskey 4 years ago .

The horror! Looking forward to Herb Garden Season 3: The Undead.

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