Cover Design Update & Hiatus

2012 was a great year for my cover design business, Tiger Bright Studios. I worked on so many fun and challenging covers for so many extremely talented writers. The gallery is missing the latest 5 covers I’ve done, but I’ve updated it with almost everything else, including a new section for print covers.

I don’t do a lot of print covers, and I’ve never actually held one in my hands… until now. Witness this beauty that just came in the mail: Mitigated Futures by Tobias S. Buckell!

Mitigated Futures by Tobias S. Buckell

Now, having said all that, I’m here to announce that Tiger Bright Studios is going on hiatus. (After I finish the four covers in my queue, of course.)

I’ve got an incoming edit letter and a whole heap of personal projects that I never got to last year. I’m hoping to open back up in the second part of the year, but there’s also a part of me that hopes I’ll be neck-deep in a new book by then, and won’t have time. We’ll see. I absolutely love cover design, but while I’m working part-time as a writer and part-time for the Lambda Literary Foundation, something has to give. For now, it’s this.


Stephanie Burgis 5 years ago .

That is a gorgeous cover! I love your designs…

…but HOORAY for giving yourself a break right now. That sounds like such a smart, healthy decision. *HUGS*

Kristine 5 years ago .

That’s a great cover.

Good luck with all the new projects!

Christine Ashworth 5 years ago .

What a wonderful cover! And yeah, take a break. I agree with Stephanie – you’re making a smart and healthy decision!

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