Above World Audiobooks

Somehow I completely missed announcing the audiobook deal for Above World. Well, since my author copies arrived today, I think it’s time!

That’s me and the audiobooks (from Brilliance Audio), which are expertly performed by Kate Rudd. Kate has done more books than I can mention, including Fault in Our Stars, How to Say Goodbye in Robot, and Tithe, just to name a few. I was incredibly lucky to get such an amazing talent for Above World.


Elana K. Arnold 6 years ago .

Hooray, Hooray1

    Jenn Reese 6 years ago .

    Thank you!!

Sally Felt 6 years ago .

I just checked to see if Audible carried it. They do — and Jade Tiger, too. I’m gonna alert Von. She’s a monster Audible user.

    Jenn Reese 6 years ago .

    Yay! Thanks for telling Von. I’m actually going to be brave enough to listen this time. I still haven’t heard Jade Tiger myself.

Greg van Eekhout 6 years ago .

They look brilliant! (See what I did there?)

Think you’re gonna break the shrinkwrap on those?

    Jenn Reese 6 years ago .

    I haven’t taken the shrinkwrap off yet, but I’m sure I will. Any minute now…

Susan Franzblau 6 years ago .

WHOOHOO!!!! And you’ve got a ton of events coming up!

    Jenn Reese 6 years ago .

    *shudder* Yes, yes I do.

Lisa Moore 6 years ago .

Just bought it on I tunes!

Lisa Moore 6 years ago .

I am off work on March 17! I can go to the book signing in Pasadena!

Vera Nazarian 6 years ago .

Now this is truly awesome!!! :-)

Christine Ashworth 6 years ago .

How did I miss this? Way cool, Jenn!

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