Revision Face

Where have I been? Revising Above World 2!

What do revisions look like? This:

Exhibit A. Revision Face


Kristen 6 years ago .


I couldn't agree more!

    Re-revision Queen 6 years ago .

    So, so, so true. Especially when you first receive that revision letter…

      Jenn Reese 6 years ago .

      I am not disputing your “Re-revision Queen” title, not after the amazing feat you pulled off last weekend. I am still in awe.

    Jenn Reese 6 years ago .

    Kristen, did your ears burn this weekend? I met Candace Ryan at the WeHo Book Fair and we spent some time talking about how awesome you are.

    We need to arrange a Valley author get-together… after revisions. :-D

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