Cuddlin’ Cats

More cat pictures! Why? Because I have both cats and a camera, and this is what happens!

From Oslo
From Oslo

Finally, after almost two years, Oslo has discovered the joys of the bathroom sink.

From Oslo

The dudes have been awesome writing buddies lately. Except when they’re not.


Shelley 7 years ago .

These two are the most adorable buddies I've ever seen in a feline!

Sally Felt 7 years ago .

The sink. OMG, the sink.

Heather Shaw 7 years ago .

These are WAY too cute! OMG! The sink picture is ready for framing!

Steph Burgis 7 years ago .

Eee! Those are all adorable, but the sink picture is just priceless. LOVE!

Vera Nazarian 7 years ago .

Oh wow, the CUTENESS level here is off the chart! To drool and just squee! :-)))))))

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