End-of-the-Novel Chaos

I’m trying to finish the first draft of my novel (Above World Book 2) by April 6th. This means that the following normal, everyday tasks are going undone:

– Maintaining email correspondence
– Washing dishes
– Returning phone calls
– Meeting friends
– Vacuuming, dusting, or cleaning of any sort
– Maintaining basic hygiene (most days)
– Paying bills
– Playing World of Warcraft
– Cleaning litter boxes
– Posting blog entries
– Remembering birthdays
– Engaging in rational thought

In addition, these side-effects are also noticeable:

– Forgetting to eat
– Eating non-stop
– Forgetting to shower before leaving the house
– Drinking excessive amounts of coffee
– Insomnia
– Cats drape themselves on me as if I am furniture
– Bouts of crying
– Bouts of euphoria
– Bouts of anger
– Bouts of gratitude when boyfriend takes care of everything
– Bouts of frustration when boyfriend refuses to finish my novel for me

So that’s where I am, and that’s where I’ll be for the next week or so. Please keep your arms and legs away from the cage.


Christine Ashworth 7 years ago .

It sounds like situation normal! Good luck honey, and tell your man to give you chocolate!

    Jenn Reese 7 years ago .

    Chris has kept the chocolate coming, fast and furious. This isn't his first time around the novel block. :-D

Steph Burgis 7 years ago .

Ha! This sounds SO painfully familiar. It's good to know we all go through this! *hugs*

    Jenn Reese 7 years ago .

    Thanks for the hugs and the empathy! (And for understanding when my emails are late…)

Lisa Moore 7 years ago .

Your focus is awesome!!!!

    Jenn Reese 7 years ago .

    Because you make me fierce!

Anne Bingham 7 years ago .

You go, girl. You can do it. (And do NOT interrupt the flow by responding to this comment because, um, you're not supposed to be checking email….)

Michael Reynolds 7 years ago .

Good Job! Now, I am really curious how the deadline went. Awesome job on your previous books though.

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