Name That Bird!

This entry is about World of Warcraft, but don’t run! It’s really more about names.

My main character River recently tamed a new wild animal to be her best friend and fight by her side. Sadly, I have been unable to come up with a name for him/her.

The bird is a “Lost Torranche,” one of the giant purple creatures living on a forgotten island floating off the edge of the world. He/she likes to preen, and squawks loudly when running into battle.

My character is a simple dwarf, and likes to name her pets simple things. Some of her other pets are: Sunspot (hyena), Midnight (black bear), Abyss (devilsaur), Smolder (plaguehound), and Monsoon (ghost hydra).

So…can you give River and [Featherface] a hand? If you don’t come up with something, I’m naming it “Mullet.”


Tom Schmidt 7 years ago .


    Jenn Reese 7 years ago .

    Nice! Poetic, even!

Lisa Moore 7 years ago .

Due to grape color and mean looking beak, I am thinking Punch.

    Jenn Reese 7 years ago .

    Punch is particularly awesome because the bird has no real arms! And for some reason, I LMAO when I read it. :-D

SarahP 7 years ago .

How about "Kicker"? She looks like she could kick pretty hard with those kicky legs.

Though "Mullet" is pretty good, too!

    Jenn Reese 7 years ago .

    I like Kicker! I had been thinking "Longlegs" or "Stretch," but Kicker is a much better protagonist's name — far more active.

Jessie 7 years ago .

Maybe I really do think you should name her "Stripey." But of course Punch and Kicker are also my kind of name.

    Jenn Reese 7 years ago .

    There is something kind of awesome about the straightforwardness of “Punch” and “Kicker,” isn’t there? Not that I will discount Stripey, of course, but it does lack implied violence…

      sarahP 7 years ago .

      I have to say, "Punch" made me laugh, too, for the same reason.

Steve Brezenoff 7 years ago .

First of all, Jenn, this is my favorite writer-blog post ever.

Second, I vote for Punch.

Third, I gave up trying to come up with cool names for my hunter toons' pets ages ago, and now I name them all Gary.

    Jenn Reese 7 years ago .

    "…now I name them all Gary."

    LOL!!! There is beauty in such simplicity!

jstickgoldsarah 7 years ago .

@jennreese I think you should name her Stripey. Okay, maybe I don't, but I like saying it.

    jennreese 7 years ago .

    @jstickgoldsarah Stripey? You see stripes?? (Also, check out that bizarre island of the south coast of Terrokar Forest!)

      jstickgoldsarah 7 years ago .

      @jennreese Along her back! The green stripe!

      jstickgoldsarah 7 years ago .

      @jennreese Uh, I mean along her front obviously.

Susan Franzblau 7 years ago .

Well, Punch is so simple, silly, and sly that I love it. But, my cat, The Gary Monster, is particularly pleased to know that so many creatures have been named after him. He would like to know if any of them are brown with dark brown points, have blue eyes, and like to watch "What Not To Wear" and "Mythbusters."

    Jenn Reese 7 years ago .

    I'm sure at least *some* of the animals named after Gary are brown, but I doubt any of them have his excellent taste in television. :)

Susan Franzblau 7 years ago .

And I certainly hope none of them has asthma as it is very inconvenient to have to use one's inhalant while fighting off zombies.

Christine Ashworth 7 years ago .

Tim says the name "Gary" is passe – every creature should be named "Bob". Chet had no answer.

Me? I'm pushing for Shmeep.

Just sayin'.

Sally Felt 7 years ago .

I loooooove naming things, but I know when I'm licked. You're in good hands, Jenn.

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