Bird Woman!

I got my hair cut today. After a few weeks of trying to hide my growing mullet, I just couldn’t take it any more. The mullet has been replaced by…

Biiiiiiird Womaaaaaan!

From 2010 Photobook
From 2010 Photobook

I actually kind of love how spiky Bethany made it. For anyone who has read ABOVE WORLD, this is how I picture President Iolanthe’s hair when I say that it’s tufted. (Iolanthe is the leader of the bird people.)



Joe M 7 years ago .

I love it! You've gone all method acting on me. Better the avian womenfolk vs others.

    Jenn Reese 7 years ago .

    HA! Good point. I could have chosen far worse inspirations. There's always next time…

lisa Moore 7 years ago .

Extreme cuteness!!

    Jenn Reese 7 years ago .

    Thanks, Lisa!!!

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