The journey to fulfilling your dreams is often sprinkled with tiny, important moments. Here’s me, signing my contract with Candlewick under the fierce gaze of my statue of Buffy. The picture doesn’t quite capture the happiness and excitement in my heart, but trust me. It’s there.

From 2010 Photobook


Christie 8 years ago .

Congratulations! <3

    Jenn Reese 8 years ago .

    Thanks so much!!! You're next. :-D

Sally Felt 8 years ago .

Wow! Who da slayer now, Buffy?

    Jenn Reese 8 years ago .


Jamie 8 years ago .

::cheers:: Yay!!!!

    Jenn Reese 8 years ago .

    Thanks, Jamie!!! Hopefully you'll be doing the same thing before too long!

Shelley 8 years ago .

Hip, hip hooray!

Christine Ashworth 8 years ago .

Woo HOO!!! Huge congrats, hon!

Lisa Moore 8 years ago .

Total Buffy moment!!! Wooohoooo! <33333

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