Ninja in Training

My brother Jeff put this video together from old footage. Even as a babe, I was swift and graceful as a ninja.

[qt:/video/ 320 240]


ello 8 years ago .

That is so freaking cute!!!!! Oh my gosh, that is so awesome to have memories like that. And yes you were very graceful!!!

Sally F 8 years ago .

Jeff does realize you now wield pointy weapons, yes? And that, even without any sort of steel accessories, you can whoop him? Silly, silly man.

Steph Burgis 8 years ago .

Hee. I love that! And you were an adorable toddler. *hugs*

Sarah Kelly 8 years ago .

That is SO CUTE!!!!

Erik R 8 years ago .

Is this that movie about babies that are geniuses?

SarahP 8 years ago .

Sooooo so so so cute.

Yet I am astonished by the old-fashioned car in the background.

Rick Silva 8 years ago .

Particularly impressive was how you teleported from the ground to the tree, and then back to the ground in a perfect "playing possum" ploy to lure your opponents close with your convincingly faked injury. Those are some serious ninja skillz.

Haddayr 8 years ago .




the cute


Lisa 8 years ago .

You were just pretending to cry to put him off his guard!

OMG you were such a cute baby.

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