The World is Just Awesome

All the hubbub over Super Bowl commercials has reminded me of one of my favorite commercials ever, Discovery Channel’s “The World is Just Awesome.” Imagine my happy surprise to find there’s also a sequel!

So, if you haven’t seen these before (and even if you have) please watch. Your sense of wonder will thank you.


Sally F 8 years ago .

Awesome, indeed!

Mary Anne Mohanraj 8 years ago .

Aw, I hadn’t seen that second video before. Made me cry.

Jenn Reese 8 years ago .

Yay! Glad you both enjoyed them!

Christine 8 years ago .

Those were fanTAStic! Thanks so much for sharing!

Steven Klotz 8 years ago .

I took a moment to watch these today. This is an important week for me, and it's awesome to be reminded how amazing the world I'll be sharing with Erin actually is. Thanks for posting this.

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