Old Spice FTW*

I’ve been watching a lot of Olympics, which means I’ve been seeing a lot of commercials. My favorite by far is this Old Spice commercial called “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like”:

Old Spice is not just harnessing gender stereotypes, it’s mocking them in a delightful way. Check out the Old Spice website for more commercials… and a lot more of the Man Your Man Could Smell Like.

* FTW means “for the win.”


SarahP 8 years ago .

You know me and TV, but I LOVE this ad. I've probably watched it ten times, five of those with John, laughing hysterically because he uses "lady scented" body wash.


SarahP 8 years ago .

Srsly, all J has to say is "Hello, ladies," and it cracks me up. Hee!

Adam Rakunas 8 years ago .

The night after we first saw this ad, I did this:


Then, a few days later, I did this:


I *love* this ad. Also? I'm on a *horse*.

Erik R 8 years ago .

I want to know that actor's name, because his timing and delivery is pitch perfect.

Haddayr Copley-Woods 8 years ago .

It was so SO refreshing to see this delightful ad after all of the hateful, uninspired, and repulsive Superbowl ads aimed at manhood: manhood as defined by brittle insecurity, a desire to remain in infancy, and misogyny.

Do go to the web site; there's one other ad with him, and there's a hilarious intro by him at the home page. I had to keep pausing it because I was howling.

Lisa 8 years ago .

I'm on a horse. … Okay, buying Russ old spice.

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