Golden Dragon Parade: Tiger!

Every Lunar New Year, I head to LA’s Chinatown to enjoy the Golden Dragon Parade. The red lanterns, the music, the people crammed in every store and eatery — it’s a wonderful expression of LA’s energy and multiculturism.

From 2010 Photobook

I love arriving early and getting a good look at the floats before the parade starts. Here I am posing with a plastic fu dog/temple lion. Even made of plastic, the fu dog is fierce!

From 2010 Photobook

As expected, there were a lot of tigers in the parade this year. (Strangely, not nearly as many oxes in last year’s parade, or rats in the parade before that. But tigers? Oh, yeah!)

From 2010 Photobook
From 2010 Photobook

There were also the usual number of lion dancers and dragon teams, and I still love watching them perform. This was a new dragon this year:

From 2010 Photobook

We wandered through Chinatown, ate at a Vietnamese cafe for lunch, then ended up at my favorite Japanese soul food restaurant for dinner. It was a fabulous Lunar New Year celebration, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what the Year of the Tiger will bring.

I’ll part with one last picture. This is the tiger I got in South Korea a few years ago, the one that sits on my desk every day. He wanted to be part of the celebration, too:

From 2010 Photobook


Lisa 8 years ago .

Ooooh I wish I could be there! Next year, I am definitely getting the day off. Love the pics, Jenn, especially you and golden tiger.

Christine 8 years ago .

Very cool. Count me in for next year!

Scott Hooper 8 years ago .

OOOOhhhhhh! Very cool Jenn!


Marty 8 years ago .

GREAT Pictures, Jenn….especially of your beautiful smile with the golden tiger. I love you!!! Mom

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