Slangman on!

Our Slangman’s World page at has just launched! You can:

And yes, this gives you an opportunity to see my entire voice acting oeuvre. Don’t forget to watch Wordy, the little blue dictionary, and think of me!



SarahP 8 years ago .

Is that REALLY YOU!!!???? Wow. So cool! Yay!

Jenn Reese 8 years ago .

Really, really! You can ask Greg, Heather, and Sarah CKCK — they heard a live performance!

Greg van Eekhout 8 years ago .

It's not even digitally altered. That voice actually comes out of Jenn! It's amazing!

Sarah Kelly 8 years ago .

It was crazy amazing to see the little cartoon character on screen and then to hear her in the room with us!

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