There have certainly been times when I thought I’d never get to write this post. Yet… here I am, writing this post. The world is mysterious and wonderful! But let me get to the heart of it:

I’m thrilled to announce that I have an agent — I am now represented by Joe Monti of Barry Goldblatt Literary!

You might need to reread that a few times. I know I just did.



SarahP 8 years ago .

Yay again! Sounds like a great match for you. Good luck with the next step!!

    Jenn Reese 8 years ago .

    Thanks, SarahP — your help was instrumental!!!

jamie 8 years ago .

::Screaming happily while running around the room and scaring the cat:: Whooo Hoooo!! I"m so happy for you! Was this for the mermaid story?

    Jenn Reese 8 years ago .

    LOL! I can so picture you doing that!!! Yes, this is for the mermaid book. :-D

Ariel 8 years ago .

YAY! Congratulations!

    Jenn Reese 8 years ago .

    Thank you!!!

Bill 8 years ago .

I am absolutely THRILLED for you!!! Congrats!!!!!

    Jenn Reese 8 years ago .

    Thanks so much, Bill! I'm sorry I had to sacrifice WoW time in order to make this happen, though. I miss you!

Jon Hansen 8 years ago .

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! (Hey, there was a 3-for-1 special on the word)

    Jenn Reese 8 years ago .

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! (I paid full price.)

Haddayr Copley-Woods 8 years ago .


    Jenn Reese 8 years ago .


Stephanie Denise Bro 8 years ago .

AWESOME NEWS!!!!! Congratulations!!!!

    Jenn Reese 8 years ago .

    Thank you so much!!!

Erik R 8 years ago .

That's spectacular! Congrats!

    Jenn Reese 8 years ago .

    Thanks, Erik!

Eugene 8 years ago .

That took longer than I thought it would :) Congratulations, Jenn! I know how awesome this book is and how hard you've worked for it. It couldn't have happened to a better person.

    Jenn Reese 8 years ago .


    Thank you SO MUCH for your help, Eugene. I really appreciate everything you did for me!

Sarah Kelly 8 years ago .

YAAAAAHOOOOOO! I'm so excited for you! Congratulations.

    Jenn Reese 8 years ago .

    Thank you!!! Hopefully I can start writing book 2 for SH!

Jason Erik Lundberg 8 years ago .

Big hairy w00ts and yays, Jenn! Huzzah!

    Jenn Reese 8 years ago .

    Thanks so much, Jason!!! (Your w00ts are worth more because they’re coming from outside the country.)

Adam Rakunas 8 years ago .

Congratulations, you have unlocked achievement: Agent.


    Jenn Reese 8 years ago .


    Nice. :-)

Mike Jasper 8 years ago .


(now retreating back to my workshop cave)

    Jenn Reese 8 years ago .

    Awww, thanks for coming out of the cave, Mike! Thank you!!

    Now get back in the cave!

Patrick Samphire 8 years ago .

Yay, Jenn! That's such awesome news. (Although not a surprise to anyone except you, I suspect!)

It's so cool that you and Steph are agency mates. Now you have to hang out even more. :)

    Jenn Reese 8 years ago .

    Aw, thanks, Patrick! And yes, I'm a little bit psyched about getting to see Steph more — although it's never enough!

Steven Klotz 8 years ago .

OMG! Very Cool. Can't wait to hear more.

Christine 8 years ago .

YAY! That's fanTAStic! HUGE congrats, honey! You are so ready for this!

Angie Frazier 8 years ago .

Popping over from Steph Burgis's journal to say congrats!! What a fantastic agency to join!

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