Return of Virtual Lulu’s!

It’s slightly overcast, a perfect day to head out to Lulu’s Beehive (or its virtual equivalent) and get some writing done. If you’re writing today, please share some details in the comments: What are you working on? Where are you working? What are you eating and drinking?

Heck, feel free to share a sentence or two if you want. Let’s get this Sunday rockin’ and rollin’!


Paul R Smith 9 years ago .

Working on some code for work and then I'm working on a post about my dad's death one year later and the lessons learned. If time allows, I've got an on again / off again short story I might finish.

Jenn Reese 9 years ago .

Did you manage to get your blog entry or other writing done, Paul? Me, I made some progress revising Chapter 7 of my middle-grade book. Not much progress, but I kinda like the changes. Hope you had a productive day!

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