New Post at SFNovelists

The first of the month can only mean one thing: a new post at SF Novelists! (Okay, it can mean lots of things, but that’s what it means right now.)

Today’s post is Novel Haiku, inspired by TA Pratt’s brilliant April Fool’s Day entry. It’s a short entry, so go read it!

Back now? If you don’t feel like posting over there, please feel free to post here. I’d love to be entertained (and horrified) by your novel-inspired haiku offerings. And now, I will leave you with:

Clouds muddy the skies

I speak sacred words: Please, no

overtime today.


Jamie 10 years ago .

Here's the essence of my novel 313-page novel TIME OUT distilled into three lines:

The abused son of

alien refugees

saves Earth from his dad.

Jenn Reese 10 years ago .

Oooh, that sounds awesome!!!

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