Above World!

Here’s how yesterday played out:

I woke up early and played some World of Warcraft. It was fun. Really fun. I sensed within myself the desire to do nothing but play WoW all day, writing goals be damned.

Quickly, I opened my journal and wrote yesterday’s entry. Then I went back to playing my new little Horde warrior.

Throughout the morning and afternoon, your comments trickled in. Folks posted their goals, talked about inspiration, posted snippets of their success. And, as I had hoped, the peer support and peer pressure grew… along with a healthy dose of guilt for posting that entry and then failing to write.

In the afternoon, I wrote for about two hours and got 800 new words. Then a whole bunch of my friends logged into WoW, and I couldn’t resist logging in to hang out with them.

More comments came in. I’d only logged 800 words for the whole day, my “day of writing.”

Around 8pm, I couldn’t take it anymore. I said good-bye to my warrior, put on my headphones, and dove back into the story.

I was still writing at 10, at 11, at midnight. But I wasn’t done. Not until 1am, after 3700 words, did I type the last sentence of my novel, save the file, and stumble off to bed.

Thank you guys so much for kicking me when I needed to be kicked.

Above World: Draft Zero finished at 58,000 words.

I wrote my second novel!!!


Dayle 10 years ago .

Wooh Jen! Rock and roll!

Erin 10 years ago .

Yay! Congrats!

Jamie 10 years ago .



MoviePen 10 years ago .

You didn’t just write your second novel, you FINISHED it!!! Go you!

Erik 10 years ago .


Keith 10 years ago .


Vera Nazarian 10 years ago .

Oh WOW, this is AWESOME news!!! You TOTALLY did it, Jenn!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations on a huge wonderful act of completion! :-))))))

krystyn 1 year ago .

HI, i am a big fan of your books and i love how adventrous and all of the other things that you put in the book and event through i am only 12 i think that you should always make more books and never stop. i I belive that a story like this should never end.


    Jenn Reese 1 year ago .

    Dear Krystyn,

    I’m sorry I didn’t see your comment until just now, because it is so wonderful! Thank you for saying such nice things about my books and my writing! I hope to keep writing books with adventure for the rest of my life, especially because people like you want me to. You’ve put a huge grin on my face!


Michaela Serrano 1 year ago .

I LOVE your Above World series, I wish there was a fourth book coming out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jenn Reese 1 year ago .

    Hi Michaela, Thank you so much for the compliment! I’m thrilled that you enjoyed the series. I would love to write another book in the series someday, but my publisher and I don’t have any plans for that right now. Close your eyes and imagine what Aluna, Hoku, Dash, Calli, Vachir, and Zorro might do next. What adventures will they go on? I bet you’ll be able to imagine some pretty amazing stories for them all! (Sometimes I do this, too.) In any case, thank you for stopping by my website to let me know that you liked the books — that means so much to me! Best wishes, Jenn

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