A look back at 2007

2007 was a tumultuous year for many of my friends. For me, there were two big developments: I quit my job and became a freelancer, and my long-distance relationship became a no-distance one. Those two huge, life-altering decisions have been two of the best I’ve ever made.

The upshot? The end of 2007 finds me far happier than I was at the beginning. I can’t ask for any more than that.

Me and Chris


Paul R Smith 10 years ago .

Aha! That's what Chris looks like! Very nice! A good catch. And if any relationship can survive the perils of miniature golf, it is truly a blessing from the gods or evolution. That all depends on what bumper stickers you have on your car.

    Jenn 10 years ago .

    We took this picture just before our huge Battle at the Windmill. You should have seen the blood fly!

    But yes, that's Chris. :) You guys need to send me a family picture for my wall! I see lots of pics of Jade, but very few of you and Bren. I'm greedy and I want it all!

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